musée surréaliste françois boucheix

7 rue sornin 03200 vichy tél. 04 70 31 49 92

Surrealist Museum


The museum site offers you a tour through the paintings and bronzes of a world-famous Auvergne artist, in a Napoleon III style building that was for a long time a major centre of the Music-Hall in Vichy: the “Alhambra”, designed by the architect Antoine Percilly.

“Dreams and light”, to which happiness should be added, are the guidelines of F.Boucheix’s “Rêverisme” which will never cease to surprise you.


“Ambassador of dreams and light for more than 60 years, François Boucheix is the precursor of the Rêveriste figuration, which he wants to be optimistic. Rêverisme is a pictorial current which draws its sources from surrealism mixed with oneirism. It is composed of abundantly coloured works where even the black becomes luminous. One of the peculiarities of François Boucheix’s Rêverisme is the lyrical character of his painting, materialised by numerous musical instruments. The creation of his works takes place at nightfall, an inexhaustible source of imagination where darkness plunges the Master into the world of dreams. » Rêverisme Manifesto

François Boucheix

And despite the passing years, François Boucheix still feels the need to return to his workshop “so as not to let his brushes get too cold”.